Three Things To Do Anyway

I’ve noticed that there are some things I just don’t want to do, but once I do them anyway I feel fabulous.

They are:

1.  Get out into the sunshine or around people when I just want to stay home.

2.  Exercise.

3.  Go to sleep early.  (I am really bad at this one!)

Originally, there was a fourth but I’ve completely forgotten it!  Perhaps it’s because I’ve already stayed up too late.  😉

In any case, I’m resolving to do more of all three for the next week.  They’re good for my soul (and body too!).

What about you?  What do you put off that ends up making you feel good?  Want to join me?


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One response to “Three Things To Do Anyway

  1. Those three goals are mine as well! I suppose I should add in a 4th: Healthy eating. But as I read your goals I couldn’t believe how in sync we were! 🙂

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