Fun With Sheep!

Two year-old Alex is very into Shaun the Sheep lately, and all of us love him (and the whole Wallace and Grommit series) too.  Daryl has found some neat sheep-related stuff online to keep him happy and I thought you might like it too!

We have…..

Make your own sheep music

Shaun the Sheep bleatbox….

And click on the related links there for Shaun crafts and clips and more.

Sounds like a baaaaaaall!  😉



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3 responses to “Fun With Sheep!

  1. We love Shaun and Wallace and Gromit here too. You’ve read the classic _Sheep in a Jeep_ with Alex as well?

    • Magical Childhood

      Oh yes, I’d forgotten about that one! I know we have it so I’ll have to dig it up from our billions of books. 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Lonni

    Thanks for the link to “Bleatbox”. That’s pretty cute! I showed my kids and dd14 stayed on the site to play another game there where you drive a jeep around the countryside (rover 4×4?). Lots of hysterical laughter from her sisters when she went in the bull pen. Check that out if you haven’t. :o)

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