Ten Ways to Make Today Magical

1.  Make your child a thank you card for being so wonderful.

2.  Watch the sunset together.

3.  Eat supper in a strange room, even on the floor

4.  Play charades together as a family.

(Which reminds me of one of my favorite kid stories– My friend Tiffany played with her family and her young daughter lay on the floor absolutely still.  Everybody guessed and guessed but finally gave up.  The little girl triumphantly shouted “I’m a sandwich!”.)

5.  Make a fort out of couch cushions, sheets or boxes– you climb in too.

6.  Take your little one’s hand or foot and stamp prints in paint as decoration on a window sill, around a bathroom mirror, or on a piece of furniture.  Write the date somewhere with her age.

7.  Write a picture book together!  Illustrate it during art time throughout the week.

8.  Try circus tricks together.  See if you can juggle, balance a ball on your nose or walk a “tightrope” on the floor.

9.  Have a tea party.  Let your child be the host.  Cut sandwiches with cookie cutters for tea sandwiches.

10. Tell the kids that today is hundred kisses day.  Pick a sound, and every time you hear that sound all day you have to drop what you’re doing and find your kids and give them 20 kisses loudly on their heads, bellies, knees or whatever you can grab.  At the end of the day if you haven’t heard the sound enough times to equal 100 you have to finish all the hundred kisses.  You can pick a word too– for instance any time anybody on TV says car then you give kisses.


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  1. Lonni

    I always love your lists of ideas. :o)
    We actually did #3 a couple weeks ago. I had gotten a PowerWing scooter (super fun, I gotta say!) on clearance and all of us were using it in the kitchen. So to make more room to zip around and whip in circles with it, I moved the kitchen table & chairs into the livingroom, then put the couch in the kitchen. The kids loved this beyond belief! :o) Funny, what changing your environment just that little bit can do for a person’s happiness! 😀

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