Refrigerator Love

Strange things make me happy, like my refrigerator.

No, not the fridge itself — the doors don’t stay shut and the door shelves fall off if they’re not arranged just right and I have been known to cuss and stomp my feet at it — but the stuff on it.

Like this.

Jack made it for me for Mother’s Day when he was four (with help).  It makes me smile to see it every day.

And this one that Victoria made at the same age.

I was sick, pregnant and devoid of makeup with the world’s worst haircuts for each of us, but it makes me smile every day when I see it.

Then there’s this dragon that Victoria drew and a series of pictures from when we all tried to cram into in a photo booth last year.

There are magnets that remind me of happy trips, homemade decorations and an endless supply of art by the kids.  And it all makes me happy.

Alex loves to take everything off the fridge that he can reach, so all my special happy things are out of his two year-old reach.  But down below, there are magnet gears and magnet animals and all sorts of wonderful magnets to make him happy, too.

Maybe it’s silly to stage your refrigerator to make you happy, but I love it.  I smile every time I open the door… when the shelf doesn’t fall off.


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2 responses to “Refrigerator Love

  1. jan r.

    Hey- so fun to see jack’s flower on the frig!!!! That is one of my favorite activities!!! Miss you all!! Jan

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