Giant Ice Suncatchers!


I saw this idea at Family Fun last month and kept meaning to try it.  We finally did it recently and it turned out so well!

Basically, you just freeze colored water in an ice cube tray and then fill a round cake pan half full of water.  Insert a paper cup that’s filled with water in it.  Freeze for an hour and then put in the colored ice cubes and finish freezing (they’ll melt too much if the water is not already really cold).  When it’s fully frozen, unmold it and pop out the cup.  Tie some ribbon in the hole and hang outside.  Voila!



Happy Tuesday!



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22 responses to “Giant Ice Suncatchers!

  1. These are so cool. I don’t think they would work here in the So Cal ~ they would melt in an instant. But I love the idea!

  2. Lonni

    Good news! It’s cold enough outside again to make some of these and have them last a few days!! Gotta find ways to appreciate waking up to 12 degrees below zero, right? :o)

  3. love, love, love this!! Thanks so much for the inspiration! 🙂

  4. caitlin

    We love this! We also saw it in family fun and have had one hanging outside since,we have found that it lasts a bit longer if you make the hole in the middle of the pan instead of near the top.

  5. Kim

    We made these (pictures are on my blog) and love them. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

    • Magical Childhood

      Oh, they look fantastic! It’s funny how once you make these it’s the only time you don’t want the weather to warm up too much, huh? 🙂

  6. Fun! I am featuring you on Frugally Naturals Tutorial post today.

  7. Jesse Green

    Thank you, we are going to make some this afternoon. We live in Saskatchewan and it’s currently -26F… we might make two! 😉

  8. These are gorgeous! Love this craft idea… what a wonderful way to add color to the gray, white and brown landscape of winter.

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  10. Hi! We loved your suncatchers and featured them at our kids craft blog, MPM School Supplies Blog!

    You can find the full feature here:

    We were sure to give idea/photo credit, as well as a link to your blog, but we’d love for you to take a look at it! If there are any problems, we’ll be certain to take the feature down immediately!

    Have a wonderful holiday,
    Kayla Johnson

  11. SO COOL! I want to try these! Our winter is too mild, this year! I hope we’ll have a February day

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  13. That’s a wonderful idea! Thank you!
    I have ice forms in the form of the guitars. This should look awesome!

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  17. tried this but first one didn’t work. The ice cubes are too tall for the dish so will make another batch of cubes using less water. Also the cubes changed the color of the water to the color of the cubes so just looks like a big block of purple ice. LOL

    • Sorry the first round didn’t work. I hope the second one does! It sounds as if the purple water meant they took too long to freeze and started to melt the ice cubes in the meantime. Perhaps pour really cold water in the next batch and make sure it goes someplace nice and cold to freeze (outside if it’s really cold, or a freezer otherwise). We should do this again to make use of the bitter cold around here. 🙂

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