10 Ways to Make Today Magical

1.  Declare today pink and purple day.  Serve pink and purple foods, wear pink and purple clothes, read books with pink and purple covers and so on.

2.  Stage an “Iron Chef” style competition with the kids.  For younger kids, pick a challenge that doesn’t involve the stove.  For instance, put out a variety of fruit and challenge them to make a unique, tasty dish with the fruit and various add-ins you set out.  Have multiple awards, so everybody wins.

3.  Record a family greeting on the answering machine together.

4.  Take the afternoon off together and go see a matinee.

5.  Take wacky pictures.  Put on bizarre clothes, use weird props and make crazy faces.  You too!

6.  Cook together.  Make dishes that are fantastic or messy or both.

7.  Put out a box of assorted recycling and some craft supplies, and challenge the kids to create anything they want.  Join in.

8.  Go bowling.  If you can’t go for real, set up some plastic bottles and a tennis ball and make your own game.

9.  Hide little jokes, notes and silly sayings on strips of paper all over the house.

10. No matter what’s for dinner, serve it in style.  Set out the good china, have the kids make a beautiful centerpiece, set out candles and make it a fabulous feast.


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  1. #8 has been on my TO-DO list forever now! I know my kiddos would enjoy a new experience…

    and I LOVE your #5!!!!!!! That sounds like so much fun. 🙂

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