Helping Haiti

If you haven’t donated towards rescue efforts in Haiti yet, look for an organization or business that will match your donation and effectively double it.  Design Notes is matching funds up to $25,000 to UNICEF and the homeschooling store CurrClick is matching funds via World Vision (starting with just $5).  I’m sure there are more, but there are two to start the list.  Please leave a comment if you know of other groups.

Please hug your babies, count your blessings, and do what you can to help.



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  1. Anonymous

    donations to Hatit
    The Canadian government is matching donations from the public to registered Canadian charities for help with recovery from the earthquake. These charities include the Red Cross, Medecin Sans Frontiers (Doctors without Borders), Unicef, etc. The government will match up to $50 million in publicly donated funds; so far Canadians have donated over $2 million. This is in addition to other aid being and already sent, of course.

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