String painting!

Here’s a fun way to paint if you’ve never tried it.  Try string painting!  Simply give kids an assortment of tempera paint colors and a few long pieces of yarn.  Make sure you protect your table and wear craft clothes as this gets messy!

We had fun guessing what each painting was supposed to be.  Victoria had a snake in the desert that I thought might be an exploding sea creature.  :)The boys opted to paint with popsicle sticks and fingers, so this is a better craft for slightly older kids.  That’s good though, since older kids sometimes get shortchanged on messy crafting.

Happy Thursday!




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2 responses to “String painting!

  1. Anonymous

    Love it!
    I think I am going to search for some string and popsicle sticks today. My girls will love this! Thanks so much. 😀

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