Happy Birthday to Me!

Sorry I didn’t post 10 ways to make the day magical today.
I was up till 3 a.m. with my hubby and girls and played hooky!
I figured the 100 ways to enjoy winter would do for a bit instead!

I’m off to the wilds of Mankato for a couple of days.
It’s my birthday and we’re finally going to celebrate Christmas
with the grandparents while we’re at it.

Please do all sorts of magical things with your kiddos in my honor
and then post them here.

Okay, at least one?!

…And eat chocolate and be fabulous to yourselves and your kiddos
all day
as a birthday present to me.

Happy Tuesday!  See you in a few days!



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7 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Anonymous

    Happy birthday
    have a wonderful day with your family!

  2. Happy Birthday!
    I hope it’s a wonderful day.
    Perhaps not magical by most standards but I took my one year old out in the snow and showed her how to make the big black giant (her shadow)wave and dance for her.

  3. Anonymous

    Happy birthday!
    Have a fantastically magical birthday! Thanks for the daily inspiration for life to just be more FUN 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday! Have fun and enjoy! My birthday is on the 6th.

  5. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday! Have fun and enjoy! My birthday is on the 6th.

  6. Anonymous

    Happy birthday. Hope your are over being chastised by the group moderator. When stuff like that happens I try and remember it is probably more about them than me!

  7. Anonymous

    I hope you had a great b’day!

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