Color Me Katie and Coloring Snow

I’ve mentioned Color Me Katie’s blog before
but in case you haven’t visited lately
here’s a fun idea she posted recently.

What a fun way to deal with dirty city snow
or clean snow, for that matter!

Happy Thursday!



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3 responses to “Color Me Katie and Coloring Snow

  1. Anonymous

    colored snow!!!
    You know I’ve done this activity with HS for a long time – I now have to use the biggest dish soap bottles, because it saves on the many trips to the house to refill!!! One family had their chidren lay in the snow and the parents sprayed the colored water around them. The children than added features any way they wanted, with the colored water or nature items!!!
    The best are the colorful snowmen:) Hey to all of you:)

  2. Anonymous

    colored snow!!!
    Hey, it was me, forgot to sign my name!!! Jan R.

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