Icy Science!

Here’s some cold weather ideas courtesy of All the DAZE.  Some are old favorites around here and some are brand new to me.  I’m going to see if we can do some this week to make use of all of the cold we have around here.  🙂

* Add food coloring to water. Freeze into ice cubes and bring outside to use in snow.

* Color the snow with spray bottles filled with water and food coloring.

* Fill plastic container lids with water and tissue paper.  Add a string and freeze until solid.  Hand in a tree and watch them melt and drip on a warm day!

* Freeze blocks of ice and let the children spray them with warm colored salt water.  Watch the crevasses and holes the water makes in the ice.

* Add colored ice cubes to warm water.

* Use a scale and weigh ice, water and snow.

* Pour sprite into a clean ice cube tray.  Place one jellybean per cube holder.  Freeze and see what happens.

And I had to share these pictures from yesterday…

Yes, we did get a wee bit of snow!
Here’s Jack helping Alex up into our front yard.  🙂

Stay warm, chickadees!
Happy Tuesday!



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3 responses to “Icy Science!

  1. Anonymous

    Wow – you had some serious snow there to play in! Thanks for sharing all the activities and the wonderful winter pictures – what fun!

  2. Anonymous

    wow! look at all that snow!
    Gosh! those pictures are so crazy! we don’t get snow where we live. Plus it is summer over here at the moment. If you get a chance to pop over to my blog, you will see I am posting pictures which are the complete opposite to you!
    Gotta love it!

    • Re: wow! look at all that snow!
      Oh, it looks heavenly! Maybe I’ll get lucky and dream my way someplace similar tonight. I’m afraid that’s as close as I’ll be coming to sand and sun for a while. 🙂

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