An Old Fashioned Christmas

Today is the day we usually dress up in our fanciest clothes
and head to Great Grandma Lueck’s house
to see extended family we’ve missed all year
and eat too much wonderful food
and get a belly ache from cookies and candy.

Usually, we spend the night at Grandma & Grandpa’s
and come down Christmas morning
for cookies and fruit soup
and then open presents.

We are expecting somewhere around a foot of snow
and some ice
so we will not be doing the usual.
We’ll be home for Christmas
without presents
(we had our family celebration already on the solstice
and opened our family presents then).
Luckily Santa can get through with his one present for each child
and I think we’ll fill the stockings with old fashioned treats
like oranges and handmade toys.

We’ll watch the snow and drink cocoa
and play games and play Christmas music
and read Christmas stories
and be together
and I think it sounds like
a perfect Christmas.

I’ll be back online in a day or two.
Merry Christmas
or for those who celebrate other things
Happy Thursday and Friday!


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One response to “An Old Fashioned Christmas

  1. Anonymous

    Whatever you do I know you’ll find a way to make it fun and memorable. :o)
    Merry Christmas!

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