Ice Ornaments!

Here’s a fun craft that we do every winter. Make ice ornaments! These are so easy and so fun. Just fill lots of little containers (muffin tins, small cups, anything) with colored water and loops of yarn for hanging. If you like, you can add in little natural materials to add some interest (like seeds, tiny pine branches, etc.) and make patterns. Then take them outside to freeze of freeze in your freezer.

When they’re frozen, just run them briefly under warm water enough to pop them out and hang them outside as decorations.

If you live where it’s pretty cold right now (like us!), these will last on your trees and bushes for a very long time. If you live in a warmer climate they’re still fun and you can make a challenge out of guessing how long it will take to melt.

I had some lovely pictures of ones we’d made in the past but I’ve lost them all. Guess we’ll have to make more!

Happy Wednesday!



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2 responses to “Ice Ornaments!

  1. Anonymous

    Great idea!
    I linked to you from my blog today. Thanks for all the inspiration!

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