It Must be Something in the Eggnog…

Some of my favorite mama friends are so stressed right now.
Kids are being hyper or angry or weepy.
Tempers are short
and it just doesn’t feel very magical.

Please please please
take it easy on yourself.

The holidays are about good stuff, remember?

Take a breath, take a bath, say no to something
and focus on the good stuff.
There is good stuff right now —
you just have to slow down and see it.

You are good stuff.
You are a fabulous, loving, giving mama
who is doing a good job.
The kids will get better.
Give them some hugs.
Snuggle up and slow down and be sweet
and they’ll come back to normal.

And in the meantime,
here’s ways to take care of you.
There’s three pages of them.
Do lots.

Happy Friday.

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One response to “It Must be Something in the Eggnog…

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for the encouragement and reminder. Just hearing someone (even though it is via email) say you are great mama helps a lot.
    Happy Friday to you too!

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