A Little Girl in Need of Help

This story is heartbreaking but I had to share it and ask you to share it yourself and donate if you can. I keep crying for this little girl and the fact that she has endured so much and has a family waiting to love her half the world away is just unbearable. She needs a whole lot of love and a little magic in her life. I’m cutting and pasting her story from this blog that shares stories of HIV positive children in need of homes. This little girl has a loving home waiting for her, if she can just get to it….

Urgent Situation – Johnson Family Adoption

The Johnson family is adopting a 3 yr old girl from Eastern Europe. The little girl was previously living with a paid Eastern European foster-family. Unfortunately, the guardianship paperwork was incomplete and the little girl ended up in a dangerous situation. The foster-father severely tortured and beat her. She was dropped off at a hospital covered in scratches and bruises and she had been dragged around by the hair, pulling it out by the roots. Video. She was also malnourished. The foster-father is now in prison for 4 years and the foster-mother has been heavily fined for not protecting the child.
After the extensive news coverage, many families in the little girl’s home country expressed interest in fostering or adopting her, but when her health status was made known to them, they refused her. The stigma surrounding HIV in Eastern Europe is still very problematic, and people living with the virus often face severe discrimination and abuse.
Fortunately, the Johnsons are now completing their dossier paperwork and hope to travel to Russia soon to finalize the adoption and bring the little girl home. They had started to save money to adopt in 2-3 years, but then they heard about this story, realized the urgency of the situation and decided to start adoption proceedings right away. They are trying to raise $6,000 for travel funds and could really use some help. Please consider donating to their adoption fund, and please help to spread the word about their story. Feel free to copy and paste this post.


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This is from the blog of the family who is planning to adopt her:

We hadn’t planned on adopting for another 2 – 3 years and figured that would give us time to set money aside. Then we were introduced to a little girl in Russia who is an orphan. She had been placed in foster care and a few months later was dropped off at the hospital beaten and starved almost to death. The little girl doesn’t have another 2 – 3 years to wait and after everything she’s been through she shouldn’t have to wait for a loving family and loving parents who are going to love and protect her. She needs to know what a loving family is!!! The Russian press has written a number of stories about her. I’m pasting a couple links below. There are two ways to read these news stories in English. The first way is to click on the link. Once you’re at the news story, copy the web address directly off the story and paste it into Google Search. After you click search it will bring up the link and it will say Translate next to the link. If you click on Translate it will bring up the story in English. Don’t copy and paste the link below as it won’t work. The second way to read these stories in English I recommend a website that I’ve been using. http://www.freetranslation.com/ you can copy and paste the text into the box and select Russian to English. They tend to have decent translation. I like Google Translate the best. It allows me to play the videos and see all the photos in context while reading the story. Warning, some of the pictures attached from the earlier stories are pretty graphic. There’s also a graphic video of this little girl in the hospital that shows how badly she had been beaten when she arrived at the hospital. This is what keeps us pushing on each time we get stressed about finances or paperwork. The links are in order from oldest to most recent. I recommend reading them in order to get the full story. The foster father is now in prison and the foster mother received a large fine for not protecting this little girl. When you read the initial stories and are wondering what’s up with her hair. She was dragged around by her hair and the missing hair was pulled out by the roots when she was being dragged around. There are a LOT of links. Our little girl is now in a specialized orphanage for children with special needs. This orphanage has NEVER had a child adopted internationally so this will be the first international adoption from this specific orphanage.


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I do not know anybody involved in this story but had to pass it on. I donated to the family’s fund and hope it helps them bring their little girl home that much sooner. You can donate securely through Paypal on the family’s blog site: http://rebeccajmarinecorpswife.blogspot.com/

Hug your babies.



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3 responses to “A Little Girl in Need of Help

  1. Anonymous

    oh my
    this made me cry also….alot. I am going right now to contribute….what a wonderful gift to give someone at this time of year. thanks for posting this.

  2. Anonymous

    So are we sure this is legit?

    • Re: Wow
      I’m not sure of anything, but I got the link from another blog that helps HIV orphans and the news stories seem legit. I thought about that and ultimately decided that I would just trust that it was. I can dig around and look for some sort of third party authentication. I’ll post whatever I find.

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