Three Things About Alex


Alex, at two years old, is still not much of a talker.
He makes a lot of noise but we mostly have no idea what it is he’s saying.
Lately we understand him a little bit better
and one phrase we kept hearing was
"Big day" or something like it.
Whenever anything was especially big, he’d say
"Biiiiig Da-ay"
and we’d smile and nod.

Victoria finally figured out what he was saying.
To Alex, if something is big, it’s "Big like Daddy"
so he calls anything big
Big Daddy.

That’s a big daddy cookie!
That’s a big daddy boat!
Ooh, so big daddy!


Alex refuses to take a good picture.
He delights in taking a really bad picture, in fact.
Behold, at Thanksgiving:



He gives me lots of hugs and kisses,
one after another,
so I don’t care about his pictures.
I love him lots.
Big daddy lots.


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4 responses to “Three Things About Alex

  1. I think that last picture is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Anonymous

    Hahaha, that’s so funny! And heart melting. :o) Loved your last line.
    Is he trying to avoid the bright camera flash?

  3. Anonymous

    How cute!
    My boys were both like that about photos!

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