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Thought for the Day

"Peace does not mean to be in a place
where there is no noise,
trouble, or hard work.
Peace means to be in the midst of all those things
and still be calm in your heart."

~Marcel Morin

(I love this quote and try to remember it
during especially noisy, crazy-making times!)

(Are there any times any more that aren’t
noisy and crazy-making?!)


Happy Tuesday!
Treat yourself to something neat today.
I insist!

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10 Ways to Make Today Magical

1. Fill the bathtub half full of water balloons and let your child take a bath with them.

2. Grab some leftover Halloween face paints (or makeup!)
and do face painting with the kids.

3. Make banana bread in a bag together.

4. Gather up some handfuls of smooth rocks, acorns or other natural materials and paint them together to make some creative (free!) homemade toys.

5. Go ice skating, roller skating or inline skating together.

6. Look at the moon through binoculars.

7. Make art dolls.

8. Make a back yard obstacle course.

9. Climb a tree together and do something up there
(homework, read a book, sit and talk, have a snack…).

10. Make a fun portable hammock with a sheet and two grown ups
holding the corners.
Swing your favorite little person in the middle of it.

Have a magical week!

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Thought for the Day

Don’t forget, every single day, to take the time to make the day mean something.
We only have so many days to enjoy this magical planet and these beautiful kids.
For goodness sakes, don’t waste them.
Look at the stars.
Dance with your sweetie in the driveway.
Smell everything.
Feel everything.
Savor life or you’ll miss it accidentally.

Happy Sunday!


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Sunday is Shichi-Go-San

Have a child who’s 3, 5 or 7? Take part in this fun Japanese tradition!

In Japan, children who are three, five, or seven years old are thought to be especially lucky. On November 15, families who have children of these ages take part in a very old festival called Shichi-Go-San, or "Seven-Five-Three."

Technically, the holiday is for 3 and 7 year-old girls and 5 year-old boys. Many parents celebrate when any of their children are these odd (and therefore lucky) ages, though.

On this day, the children dress in their finest clothes. Some wear Western-style clothes while others follow the old customs and wear traditional kimonos. Every child gets a long, narrow paper bag colorfully decorated with pictures– usually of a pine tree, a tortoise, and a crane, symbols of youth and long life.

When everyone is ready, the families go to a shrine or place of worship. There, they give thanks for the good health of the children and typically leave a contribution. They also ask for a blessing for the future health and happiness of the children.

Outside the shrine, there are stalls where the parents buy candy and toys to fill the children’s paper bags. After the families return home, the children give some of their candy to visiting friends and relatives. In return, the children are often given gifts. Finally, the day may end with a party.

You can read one mother’s account of taking part with her daughter for the first time in Japan here.

If you have a child whose age fits the bill, this could be a sweet element to work into the day tomorrow — even if it’s just to dress up, take pictures, give thanks and have some candy!

Mine are 2, 6, 9 and 11, so I don’t have a single child who qualifies. Maybe we’ll celebrate unlucky years. 😉

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Happy Friday the 13th!

Happy Friday the 13th!
In honor of the day we’re doing a little fun thing every hour.
First hour — cake for breakfast!

Have a magical day!

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Cake or Death?

Victoria baked her first cake tonight.
She decorated it, too
with one of our favorite sayings
that will make no sense to most people
but makes us grin like fools.

Tee hee hee.
Anybody know the reference????

Alex approves.

(We are completely out of the running for "normal" at this point, aren’t we?)
(Like we were ever in the running.)


Happy Friday!


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Art Jumping!

Ever hear of Art Jumping?
Magical Mama Lucy recommended this blog
where people send in pictures of themselves
jumping for joy
in front of art.

The pictures make me smile
and I know four little kids who would love
to go jumping.
Anybody else UP for it?  😉

Happy Thursday!

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Things That Make Me Happy

1.  Homemade pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

2.  Watching my kids delight at getting to blow out candles on cupcakes
again and again
while we sing "Happy Tuesday to you!"
as much as they want
(even the big kids)

3.  Doing color changing pH experiments with purple cabbage water

4.  Doing the toddler version and watching the water magically turn blue to pink to blue

5.  Getting a pedicure from my favorite six year-old boy

6.  Chore sticks

7.  Toddlers that are finally asleep

7.  Bedtime!

Happy Veterans Day for those in the states
to the veterans and their families.
Go find a veteran and do something nice for him or her today
~ and the rest of the days too!

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10 Ways to Make Today Magical


1.  Enlist the kids in painting a secret corner.  It could be the inside of dresser drawers, a broom closet or the back of the wood shed.  Give them a variety of bright colors and brushes.  Encourage them to paint pictures, stars, words, flowers, anything that will make that space feel powerful, fun or special for them.

2.  Adopt a person.  As a family, decide on somebody who needs some magic.  Find an anonymous way to do a good thing for her or him.

3.  Find a fallen tree branch in a manageable size.  Bring it home, pot it, and string it with white Christmas tree lights for a whimsical decoration in any room.

4. Bake a ring or other heat-resistant trinket into a cupcake.  Make up a tradition or superstition like whoever gets the cupcake will have good luck for a week.  For goodness sakes, make sure it doesn’t have lead in it, though.  🙂

5.  Gather up some dried flowers, petals or potpourri and take the kids outside at sunset.  Tell them you’re going to do flower magic and show them how to toss the petals up into the wind.  Say prayers or wishes for loved ones as you toss.

6.  Pass on a tradition.  Teach your children something unique to your family or something that was handed down from your parents or grandparents.  Share your memories as you do so.  Even baking bread can be a cherished memory if the first time you learn is treated like a special occasion.

7.  Call or write your child’s loved ones and ask them all to either send a card on the same day or call on the same day.  Make it an "I love ___ day" and see if you can fill your child’s evening with calls or cards from folks who will take the time to say how much they love him.

8.  Let your child choose an alter ego for the day and play along with it.  Let her borrow some clothes and a hat that make her look totally different.  Encourage her to make up a name and an identity, and go along as her Aunt Lucy for the day.

9.  Gather up some rocks and take them home.  Help the kids use permanent markers to decorate them and even leave tiny words or sayings on them, then return them to outside.  Have fun leaving your tiny treasures to be discovered by someone else.

10. Make up secret signals as a family.  Put your heads together to come up with codes for everything from ‘I love you’ to ‘Mom, quit talking and come on already!’.  <G>  Use them!


Have a magical week!  Make sure it includes chocolate and at least one nap. 
And bubbles — in any form you like (bubble baths, blowing bubbles, champagne, root beer, bubblegum….).  How bad can a week get with naps, chocolate and bubbles?  😉

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Miss Me?

I’m terribly sorry for my unplanned absence!
A certain two year-old pushed some buttons on Saturday
and the internet was no longer.
His powers are good.
No amount of tech support all weekend could help
and they had to fix things this morning on their end.

The good news is I finally have the internet again.
The better news is that we’re heading out of town to the zoo
so I’ll have to post 10 ways to make the day magical later.

Suggestion #1:  Go to the zoo.  🙂

Have a magical day!

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