Tug of War

Thought for the day:

If you’re having a lot of power struggles with your toddler lately
you might want to ask yourself

"Why am I having power struggles with a toddler?"

Just a thought.




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3 responses to “Tug of War

  1. Anonymous

    This is now my mantra. I’m hoping it helps!
    Nikki R.

  2. Anonymous

    Truer words were never spoken!

  3. Anonymous

    I agree
    Absolutely agree. Sometimes when I am talking to my 4 year old, I have to remind myself “hey! they are 4!!”
    Also, when I am having power struggles with my 2 year old, I have to take a moment and think, “is there a better way to do this, because this isn’t working!”
    Yes, it is a good idea for us as parents to take a step back isn’t it, and ask questions like you suggested.
    Thanks for sharing!

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