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A Few Fun Halloween Links

Here’s a few Halloween nifties I’ve got bookmarked atthe moment….

Print out this fabulous skeleton and let your kids assemble it.

Make some miniature monster cookies like these.

Or make some quick and easy marshmallow ghosties like these.

Or maybe a little pretzel skeleton like this guy.

And I absolutely love the idea of painting a pumpkin with chalkboard paint!
(In this case a paper one)

Today we carved four pumpkins and roasted pie pumpkins.
We have glowing Jack-o-lanterns outside
and 9 cups of pumpkin mush in freezer baggies,
plus one cup waiting for morning–
I’m making pumpkin maple bars.

What’s on your Halloween to-do list?

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Edible Art Ideas for Every Age!

I’m feeling a bit under the weather again so I’m swiping this from one of my very old newsletters and calling it a day!  🙂

Quick Edible Art Ideas for…..

Babies: Mix some baby oatmeal with a couple of drops of food coloring, tape a piece of paper down, and let him finger-paint in his high chair.  For extra fun, use two bowls and two colors.  Incidentally, this is the only way I could get my babies to eat oatmeal, as paint!

Toddlers: Put some vanilla yogurt in a ziploc bag and add a couple of drops of one color food coloring to one side and another to a separate part in the bag.  Close the bag (seal with tape if your child is good at opening them) and give her the bag.  Let her mash the colors through the yogurt, watching as the colors spread and mix.  You can put a few crunchy things in for texture if you like, too, and talk about how they feel.

When your child has mixed the bag well, snip a tiny piece of the corner of the bag and show her how to pipe the yogurt in designs onto a plate.  Give her a piece of fruit to drag through the designs and use as a spoon.

Preschoolers: Make pancakes and set out ingredients to make faces on them.  You can make eyes out of chocolate chips or raisins, mouths out of piped strawberry jelly, freckles from sprinkles of cinnamon, teeth from mini marshmallows…. raid the pantry and see what else you can come up with.

Alternately, let them just create art on their pancakes.  They can dribble designs with piped jelly, draw stripes with a toothpick dipped in chocolate syrup, cover sections and sprinkle powdered sugar on the parts that remain (doilies make great designs)….

Grade schoolers: Bake a cake together and give him a variety of cake decorating tools to frost it himself.  Alternately, let him "decorate" dinner.  Mashed potatoes pipe beautifully around meat loaf!  Use a pastry bag and different tips to make swirled butter pats or to fill twice baked potatoes.  Sprinkle with fresh, snipped herbs and really pay attention to designs.  It’ll be too pretty to eat!

Teens: Try your hands at candy making together.  Get some books from the library and experiment making homemade taffy, lollipops or chocolate covered cherries.  They make inexpensive presents for kids to give– if any are left from sampling.  😉

Happy weekend!  Send healthy vibes!

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Spooky Snacks!


Family Fun has some quick and easy recipes for ghoulish treats!  
Best of all, most of the munchies are actually healthy.  
Make apple bites, carrot
eyeballs, string cheese fingers and more.

Bon appetit!

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Household Bingo!

I love this idea from From Pigpen to Paradise, making Bingo sheets for household chores:

Cleaning can be boring, tiresome, and just no fun. But who says it has to be like that. I figured out a way to do my daily chores with a little fun, by playing, House Cleaning Bingo! What I do is I generated some Bingo cards and wrote my daily chores on them, scrambled the words, print out the sheet then it’s off to clean have fun. I look at my card and decided which chore I do first. Now for each Bingo I get, I reward myself with 15 minutes of computer time

I went to the template site the author recommended and plugged in my own items for the kids.  Some are chore related, some are educational, some are charitable, some are health and fitness and the last row are miscellaneous.  I made sure to make some of them just plain fun in each category too! 

We’ll give them a try once we’re all recovered from the flu and I’ll let you know how it goes.

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All Better!

I’m back from my adventures with swine flu and feeling fabulous once more.  Our little timetable here was…

Friday through Sunday:  Anna (9) had the flu (mainly a stomach ache and headache, with some throwing up on Saturday)

Saturday through Tuesday:  I had the flu (mainly severe muscle aches, headache, fatigue, sore throat, uncontrollable coughing and fever)

Tuesday through Wednesday:  Jack (6) had the flu (mainly headache, sore throat and fatigue, with moderate fever)

Tuesday night to present:  Alex (2) has/hadthe flu (mainly higher fever and irritability)

So hopefully we will all be done soon!  (I am fairly sure Victoria had this for quite some time last summer and hopefully she’s got immunity.)

On Tuesday, my shipment of elderberries arrived and a homeopathic flu kit from Oscillo.  Victoria and I made up a batch of the elderberry syrup and we dosed everybody up with that and Oscillo.  It could be coincidence or the placebo effect, but I felt better right away and the boys seem to be recovering quite quickly.

Yay for immune boosters and herbal remedies!  Yay for flus that eventually end, and yay for dear hubbies that keep us all fed and cared for while we moan in bed.  🙂


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Out Sick

I’ve got the flu and am on break!  I’ll be back soon.  In the meantime, feel free to leave your own suggestions for how to make the day magical in the comments!

Talk to you soon…..


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Virtual Pumpkin Carving

Here’s a fun little virtual pumpkin to carve.

Here’s a higher tech one with some additional features.


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