Another Halloween Down

I hope you and your goblins had a happy Halloween!

Mine had a mostly grand time.

Towards the end, not so much for Alex.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a Halloween in 11 years of motherhood
that didn’t involve at least one child in this state.

Note the two pumpkins.
One is his big brother’s.
He wanted ALL the pumpkins
so Jack was a sweetie and let him carry his.

And he still looked like this.

I am not really much of a fan of Halloween.
I try to hide it but I do it badly.
The children have given me chocolate to make up for it.
I’m a big fan of chocolate
so I suppose Halloween is okay.  😉



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4 responses to “Another Halloween Down

  1. Anonymous

    Chocolate really can make just about anything better. :o)

  2. Anonymous

    My thoughts…
    Last year my daughter was 3.5 and she had a FULL ON meltdown over some kind of treat after I told her she’d had enough for the night. I had to hold her back and she was strong…unbelievable! It was the worst I had seen since she was a year old, but atleast then I could hold onto her and hug her.
    This year we made a deal with her — only THREE treats before you go to bed, and we put her to bed early—-and it worked out okay. I’m not sure if her maturity helped out, or not, but I think Halloween changes children somehow—or maybe it was the moon. There was a crazy nearly full moon here, it was creepy, but beautiful…Anyway, we made it through without a meltdown from our 4 year old and my 7 month old slept through it all. Happy Halloween!

  3. Anonymous

    What a face!
    What a sweet little guy and what a wonderful big brother. Those are some great kids you got there!

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