Painted Luminaries!

Looking for one last Halloween craft to squeeze in before the big night?
I love these luminaries from Crafts by Amanda.

And now, I am feeling sick once again and I’m off to bed.
Apparently another batch of elderberry syrup is in my future.
Either that, or a doctor.
Send healthy vibes!




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4 responses to “Painted Luminaries!

  1. Anonymous

    Another cute idea I can’t believe I never thought of! I really like this safer way to contain fire — way better than other luminaries I’ve seen. I always wonder what they’re thinking when they suggest putting lit candles in paper bags! Sheesh. And since painting the outsides with kids tempera paint would do the trick, when Halloween is over I can just wash them and have my jars back. đŸ™‚

  2. Anonymous

    sick again…
    You’re too fun of a mama to have to be sick so often!Hope you get lots of rest and bounce back soon.
    You probably know all about it but if you’re low on Vitamin D, that’s been shown to make a pretty big impact on your immune system too. I know I didn’t realize til really recently just how big of a deal it is.

  3. Hope the elderberries do their thing and get you back on your feet again!

  4. Anonymous

    Wanted to let you know we made a few of these today! Found jars in the basement so we have every size, from baby food to large pickle jars, all with a jack-o-lantern look. :o)

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