Altered Trees

I stumbled onto this picture on Flickr the other day and fell in love.Then I found another.

And a whole book and web site.

My friend Tiffany thinks they’re strange and wrong.

I think they’re strange and wonderful.

But I like strange.




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2 responses to “Altered Trees

  1. I think they’re wonderful.
    But then I once spent hours hanging “raindrops” from a tree in our local park.

  2. Anonymous

    knitted trees
    That’s delightful! As a lover of art cars, I’m also diggin’ this. Gotta love how some people spend their time, don’t ya?! LOL! We just killed some time ourselves browsing all the knitted graffiti on Google images. You have to be kidding me! Knitted phone booths? street signs? bikes? buses? an old gas station?! I don’t knit but I did see a pic of a tree in China where they just wrapped red yarn all up it and also wrapped big styro. balls to match and dangle from the branches. We could do that and we believe we will! 😀 What a great way to add some lively color to the drab winter landscape! Could make it all Christmas-y or just crazy. :o)

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