A Few Fun Halloween Links

Here’s a few Halloween nifties I’ve got bookmarked atthe moment….

Print out this fabulous skeleton and let your kids assemble it.

Make some miniature monster cookies like these.

Or make some quick and easy marshmallow ghosties like these.

Or maybe a little pretzel skeleton like this guy.

And I absolutely love the idea of painting a pumpkin with chalkboard paint!
(In this case a paper one)

Today we carved four pumpkins and roasted pie pumpkins.
We have glowing Jack-o-lanterns outside
and 9 cups of pumpkin mush in freezer baggies,
plus one cup waiting for morning–
I’m making pumpkin maple bars.

What’s on your Halloween to-do list?


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One response to “A Few Fun Halloween Links

  1. Anonymous

    I swear you find THE cutest ideas! (I can’t believe we never thought of the marshmallow one before.) You know you’re making me lazy though, right? I don’t even have to go looking, thanx to you! :o)
    Roasting pumpkins seeds is #1 on the list after carving pumpkins! YUM!
    The price of canned pumpkin has gone up so much, we may be making some mush of our own to freeze. Will see if local stores have any pumpkins left the day after Halloween, selling super cheap.

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