Household Bingo!

I love this idea from From Pigpen to Paradise, making Bingo sheets for household chores:

Cleaning can be boring, tiresome, and just no fun. But who says it has to be like that. I figured out a way to do my daily chores with a little fun, by playing, House Cleaning Bingo! What I do is I generated some Bingo cards and wrote my daily chores on them, scrambled the words, print out the sheet then it’s off to clean have fun. I look at my card and decided which chore I do first. Now for each Bingo I get, I reward myself with 15 minutes of computer time

I went to the template site the author recommended and plugged in my own items for the kids.  Some are chore related, some are educational, some are charitable, some are health and fitness and the last row are miscellaneous.  I made sure to make some of them just plain fun in each category too! 

We’ll give them a try once we’re all recovered from the flu and I’ll let you know how it goes.


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One response to “Household Bingo!

  1. Anonymous

    I’m stealing this one! That’s pretty clever.
    I always do the list thing then get mad at myself for never getting everything crossed off it. Sometimes I set impossible goals. ;o) But this way, if I atleast do one row of things on the list, I WIN! 😛

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