All Better!

I’m back from my adventures with swine flu and feeling fabulous once more.  Our little timetable here was…

Friday through Sunday:  Anna (9) had the flu (mainly a stomach ache and headache, with some throwing up on Saturday)

Saturday through Tuesday:  I had the flu (mainly severe muscle aches, headache, fatigue, sore throat, uncontrollable coughing and fever)

Tuesday through Wednesday:  Jack (6) had the flu (mainly headache, sore throat and fatigue, with moderate fever)

Tuesday night to present:  Alex (2) has/hadthe flu (mainly higher fever and irritability)

So hopefully we will all be done soon!  (I am fairly sure Victoria had this for quite some time last summer and hopefully she’s got immunity.)

On Tuesday, my shipment of elderberries arrived and a homeopathic flu kit from Oscillo.  Victoria and I made up a batch of the elderberry syrup and we dosed everybody up with that and Oscillo.  It could be coincidence or the placebo effect, but I felt better right away and the boys seem to be recovering quite quickly.

Yay for immune boosters and herbal remedies!  Yay for flus that eventually end, and yay for dear hubbies that keep us all fed and cared for while we moan in bed.  🙂


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2 responses to “All Better!

  1. Anonymous

    I’m glad to hear that you’re all better!

  2. Anonymous

    I’m glad you all have handled “The Gunk” okay, it didn’t last terribly long, and you’re getting back to normal. Interesting how you all got varying symptoms.

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