A Less Than Disney Day

Today was one of those days.  The kids were in such dreary moods that it was as if they had been drugged.  And not in one of those fall-asleep-on-the-couch ways, either.  They were supernaturally grumpy.  Egads.  And it was contagious.

I wish I could say that I dressed us all in costumes and we danced down the streets with musical instruments to chase away our blues. 

Not even close.

I tried.  I got us milkshakes and tried to be perky.  I tried to be comforting.  I tried to empathize.  And then I went and took a bath and had a wine cooler and watched junky TV.

Some days will never be Disney.  Disney is overrated.  Some days the best you can hope for is bedtime coming and an occasional break.

There’s always tomorrow for costumes and musical parades.



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4 responses to “A Less Than Disney Day

  1. Anonymous

    rough days
    Oh no, I hate those days! Personally I fantasize about running away and use the computer as my escape but I bet a heckuva lotta wine coolers and bath products have been sold on account of days like that. ;o) Guess we all get them dumped on us now and then. Sure makes you appreciate the good days more! Hope today was good to you and made up for yesterday. :o)

  2. Anonymous

    You know – I’m very pleased to hear that you have days like that too! Hope tomorrow is better!

  3. Anonymous

    Thankfully days *always* end and sometimes that’s quite a gift. Love your blog!

  4. Anonymous

    I’m having one of these days! I think it is the weather. Gray and cold and pouring and no nap happenening. ugh. Glad to know I’m not alone.

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