10 Ways to Make Today Magical

1.  Make a spooky family message for the answering machine.

2.  Cancel everything and just hang out together.  Sit on the porch swing & talk, go for a walk, bake bread or sort through old pictures and do a scrapbook together.

3.  Gather together old and outgrown coats, sweaters and other winter items to donate to clothing drives.  Take time together as a family to mend any holes and add some fun decorative accents like big buttons, decorative trim, etc. to make them more special for the recipients.

4.  Assign each family member the task of writing up 3 interview questions for the family.  Drop them in a jack-o-lantern or big bowl and put them in the center of the table to read during lunch.  Take turns drawing a question and answering it, then pass the pumpkin to the next person.  The questions can be silly (If you were an ice cream flavor, which one would it be?) or serious (What is something you did but later wished you hadn’t?  What is something you’re really proud of?).

5.  Take the time to write a letter to your child, just saying how much you love him and some things you’ve enjoyed doing with him lately.  Tuck it in a school book for him to find later.

6.  Go to a book reading at a local bookstore.

7.  Go jogging, biking or roller blading together.  Go farther than you’ve gone before and really push yourselves.

8.  Gather a pile of leaves and dive into them together.  Make a wild, wonderful mess.

9.  Plant some bulbs to force for winter blooms.  Hyacinths are especially colorful and fragrant, and very easy.  Just pot them up, put them in someplace cold for a few months, and then bring them out when you’re ready to start faking spring.  Here’s more information.

10. Set up a picnic table or card table outside and have a fall picnic supper.  Light a Jack-o-lantern for a centerpiece and serve hot cider or cocoa to keep folks toasty warm.

Have a magical week!


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One response to “10 Ways to Make Today Magical

  1. hi there,
    i love your 10 ways to make a magical day.
    They always make me feel like I take life too seriously, reading the list always enthuses me to have more family fun together.
    This week we will definitely try to do numbers 5, 9 and 10.
    thanx again

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