Can You Hear Me Now?

My children love to talk on the phone. 

They also love to pretend that toys, pieces of wood and various other things are cell phones.  It makes them feel sophisticated and important. 

I’ve been told that all of their friends have cell phones.  I’ve been told that it would be so fantastic to have cell phones of their own.  I’ve told them that they don’t really need them.  They’re almost always with us!  And when they’re not, they borrow mine.

Friday, my Mother-in-law and I happened upon a garage sale in a ritzy part of her town.  It was being run by two teenaged girls.

They were selling 4 cell phones for .25 a piece.  I bought all four.

My kids are in heaven.

It turns out the phones still work (though they don’t have service) and our battery charger works with them.  They even take pictures and will calculate how much of a tip you should leave on a $20 tab split three ways.  They let you choose ring tones and send pretend texts.

Victoria told me yesterday what time it was in Rome.

We disabled Alex’s, since we can’t trust him not to accidentally call 911.  Knowing him, he’d figure out a way to call Rome.

My kids have been playing with their new phones for two days straight.

Best dollar spent ever.  🙂




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    This is a great idea!

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