A Quick Assignment

We’re at Grandma and Grandpa’s house for a few days while we volunteer at a wonderful outdoor history program for kids.  I only have a moment on the in-laws’ computer so I thought I’d check in and give a quick assignment!  I can’t help it, it’s the homeschool mom in me.  πŸ˜‰

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to do one or more of the following!

  • Find a small child and tell him 3 reasons you love him.
  • Find a small child and tell her you have been ordered to give her all the hugs she wants, any number she likes!
  • Make random silly faces at the kids.
  • Put birthday candles in dinner.  Relight them lots.
  • Play chase with the kids until you’re out of breath.
  • Do anything with a small child that will make you laugh so much you have tears in your eyes.
  • Leave a comment on this post about something magical you’ve done lately or want to do. 
  • Leave a comment on this post about anything at all.  Really, there are like 3 people who ever comment and it makes me weep and sob nearly daily.  You should see me.  I’m a mess and the children haven’t eaten in weeks from the stress!  (Okay, maybe all that is not quite true except about the 3 people, but I’m lonely here!  I like people!  I feel a bit like I’m sitting in a dark room at times!)

Well, enough of that.  A certain 11 year-old just dropped a toddler on me and announced, "You caused him, you keep him."  See if I give her babysitting references!

Happy Friday!  See you soon!


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11 responses to “A Quick Assignment

  1. Anonymous

    HI Alicia!
    Ok, so I don’t normally comment because I read your entries quickly, but I love them! I’ve even passed them onto my library patrons. I’ve been reading your tips and ideas since back in the magicalchildhood.com times. πŸ™‚ So glad you started a blog! I love it!

  2. Anonymous

    Can’t have you weeping and sobbing daily! Just wanted to say that your blog is a reminder to be the sairt of parent I want to be with my kids. Thanks for all the great ideas.

  3. Anonymous

    Ahhhh haha, I cracked up at Victoria’s statement! πŸ˜€
    Our fun today included making caramel apples together with runty little gala apples. Cuteness.
    Tonight DD5 and I made pumpkin bread in mini loaf pans I bought the other day. It’s just out of the oven and they each have laid claim to their own loaf, so happy to not have to fight over how much their siblings got and making sure it’s fair and square! Plus there’s just something about things in miniature that makes it more fun. :o)
    I’m really sorry I don’t comment often. I have lost several comments after taking the time and have gotten frustrated and other days I think I’ll come back to comment later…but later never comes because I’m busy orchestrating my own brand of chaos here. ;o) I want you to know I check both of your blogs daily (embarassingly, sometimes I check a few times a day just in case! LOL!). I’m always curious to see what fun you’ve been up to and what great ideas you’ve dug up for all of us. You are really inspiring, not only because of your ideas but because of the constant thread that runs through your blogs that gently reminds all of us to enjoy this special time with our kids, to let loose, have fun, and love them no matter what! I will try harder to remind you that I am tuning in routinely and that you are most definitely appreciated. :o)

  4. Anonymous

    Yesterday I took my daughter and my son into the forest. I asked my daughter to dress up like a fairy and run around and hide while I took photos. Various people came by and said they thought they were seeing things….tee heee….she loved it so much and I got some beautiful photographs of her. Magical!

  5. Don’t feel lonely, remember most of the people who read this are parents who may not have time to comment what with all the hugging we have to do.
    Your mission: find someone who loves you (or up to five someones) tell them that the IOLJ (international order of livejournal has mandated that they cuddle you until you feel more cheerful.

  6. Anonymous

    all the time
    i used to get your newsletters and i visit your site almost everyday for a quick inspiration to be a better mommy. if you stopped blogging i don’t know where i would turn to!!!!! have a happy autumn weekend!

  7. Anonymous

    goofy prayers
    Usually when Zoe prays, she is silly and says it is one of her animals turns. We usually try to skip that thought, but last night we ran with it and made up voices for many of her animals. We all giggled and it was good.

  8. Anonymous

    Magic every day
    Crayola makes Window Markers now and I recently found some and picked up a pack (around $2 for 8 colors). I gave them to the kids today and they had fun decorating our glass patio door. They don’t smear off the window the way dry erase or reg. markers do when you brush across them but will wipe off easily with a wet rag so are worth looking for.
    My favorite fun was this afternoon when DD5 and I were playing and she said she was now invisible but I could still “see” her voice! LOL! That evolved into if you get caught/tagged you die but a kiss will bring you back to life. I love the way little minds work!
    And DD14 showed me Taylor Swift’s video for her song called “The Best Day”. Go watch this and be sure to look for the version that starts with her as a little girl in fluffy pigtails. Beautiful and unforgettable. As a mama, it goes straight to the heart and doesn’t let go. This is what we mean to them, or should. :o) Enjoy.

  9. Anonymous

    YOU are the most magical mama
    You amaze me! Watching you love your children in everyday life is sweet enough to make me cry. Your peaceful, fun spirit is such a blessing to all the children you come in contact with!
    a tired history reenactor (no one had an emergency and I got to stay in the 1850’s all day!)
    PS My children love your husbands ability to play for hours!

  10. Anonymous

    Best Blog on the web!
    I also never comment but always read. My new resolution…comment on Alicia’s posts! I appreciate the time you take on them and they help me be a better mama. You remind me what I’m doing here….the serious business of being somebody’s MOMMY! It is magical and wonderful to mother and you communicate that in every post. I think you’re pretty cool πŸ™‚

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