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Easy Sand Art!

Magical Mama Ellen shared this fun and easy craft that we did around here years ago and I had forgotten about.  I think we just used ours as homemade glitter though, and layered in jars sounds even more fun!  I do remember that my girls loved stirring the salt with the chalk and watching it "magically" turn colors.  🙂 

Oh, and do be sure to use styrofoam for the bowl/cup or in it to scrape and stir against (you can recycle something).  We don’t usually have styrofoam but I remember that other materials were too smooth to make the magic happen!

She wrote:

I wanted to share a craft with you that I did yesterday with my 5 year old and her friend who is 4.
Materials needed:
Baby food jars with lids
Colored chalk
Small cups or bowls (I used styrofoam cups)
Pour small amounts of salt into the cup or bowl.  Start stirring it with your chosen color of chalk.  The salt will soon begin to take on the color of the chalk you are using.  The longer you stir, the deeper the color becomes. 
Once satisfied with the color, pour the salt into the baby food jar.  Continue to layer the colors of salt in the babyfood jar until it is full, top off with white salt if needed.
This is an easy way to make "sand" art for kids.  My daughter and her friend loved it.  If you have super glue or a hot glue gun, you can run a rim of glue around the top of the jar before puttin gon the lid to ensure the lid doesn’t come off.

Thanks Ellen!

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I Wish My Mother Had Known

Magical Mama Lucy shared this poem from a book about girls with ADHD.  She wrote:

I know there are a lot of other books out there on ADHD but this book, Understanding Girls with ADHD is groundbreaking.  The book’s author deals specifically with girls who present symptoms much different than boys withADhD. 

I Wish My Mother Had Known
by Mary H.

I wish my mother had known
that I was actually very smart.
I wish my mother had known
that I needed more attention.
I wish my mother had known
that I went to school every day as a little girl,
in fear and dread
at the prospect of being shamed
and humiliated in class.
I wish my mother had known
that my low self-esteem and
lack of physical affection at home
would lead to rampant promiscuity.
I wish my mother had known
that someday I would have to
compete in the world,
and that being married
was not going to make me safe.
I wish my mother had known how desperately
I needed stimulation and attainable challenges.
(Expectations for me were very low,
so even I was surprised when I realized
that I love a challenge!)
I wish my mother had known
that my artistic and creative skills
were important, 
and could have sustained me,
had I been encouraged to develop them.
I wish my mother had known
that I could not organize my room.
I wish my mother had known
that I had a huge curiosity about life,
but that I could not absorb it
in the context of public school.
I wish my mother had known
that I was too sensitive and shy and embarrassed
to have my needs met.
I wish my mother had known
that I could not easily either fall asleep or wake up,
and that I had no control over that.
I wish my mother had known that being put
into the dumb classes,
in spite of my consistently high IQ tests,
was humiliating,
and caused me to not even bother to try.
I wish my mother had known
that having only one friend
was not normal and might have signaled other problems.
I wish my mother had known
that leaving the house unzipped, buttoned wrong,
or without my lunch or books, was a signal.
I wish my mother had known
what we know now.
She didn’t.  She did her best,
and I hope that she knows
how very much I love her.

What a touching poem!  For more information about girls and ADHD, see this article.

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The Month of Winds and Magic

Daryl read in a book once that "September is the month of winds and magic."  I’ve never been a big fan of September because it marks the end of summer and the eventual coming of winter.  Here in Minnesota we don’t always get much autumn in between!  But I have to admit it has grown on me, especially since hearing that quote.

We have been insanely busy, and I imagine everybody else has been too.  This is just too nice of a month to zip through, though, and it’s almost over!

So here’s my little assignment for all of us. 

Slow down.  Go walking.  Play in leaves (or dirt, if you’re in the southern hemisphere!).  Take pictures.  Breathe.  Play outside.  Pay attention to the colors and the sounds and the magic of this amazing month.

It is magical.  Let’s not sleepwalk through it, no matter how much laundry there is and how many obligations we’ve signed up for.

Will you join me in a little magic making????  Please do, and let me know how it goes!

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Magical Mama Sharon passed on this wonderful little mini movie that is actually a Thai commercial.  She wrote:

I just love your blog and know how strongly you feel about encouraging your children to be the best.  I think you will love this inspirational video.  It’s actually a Pantene commercial although I’m not sure what it has to do with hair.  But I love the message it sends and I shared it with my daughter and her friends.

It’s beautiful!  What a wonderful little story and the music is moving too.  Thanks Sharon!


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In Pictures: 10 Ways to Make Today Magical

Here’s a few snapshots of last week that helped make our trip magical.  Most of them can be easily incorporated near home too!

1.  Find or build a natural hide-out or clubhouse.

Look at these fabulous thrones that someone made at one secluded beach we found!

2.  Find a little restaurant where you can try something brand new to you
(or introduce the kids to a treat from your childhood).

3.  Go hiking.  For older kids, the crazier the terrain, the better.

4.  Feed the ducks, pigeons or seagulls (Victoria and Daddy even got them to fly up and take bread from their hands!  See the bread in this one’s beak?!).

5.  Blow a few dollars’ worth of quarters on arcade rides just for fun.

6.  Find a pond and feed the fishes.  The kids had dozens of fish swarming for bits of bread and they nearly got them to take it from their hands.  They also had fun experimenting with what sizes and shapes of bread the fish would go for.  It turns out they were particular!

7.  Go rock hunting.  Designate neat uses for rocks you collect — a special garden, a decorated jar of the prettiest or even craft projects like garden markers made with smooth stones and paint pens.

8.  Speaking of which, we decided to bring these rocks home to use as natural toys because of their imaginative shapes!  See what you can find at the park, in the yard or at home to turn into creative new playthings — acorns, pine cones, scrap wood, even bits from the recycling bin.

9.  Wake up earlier than usual and head out together for breakfast, hot cocoa or an early morning treat together when the world is still completely different.

10.  When you’ve all been stuck in the car too long, look for a park sign or ask a passer-by and find a new park to explore together for a bit.

And with that, my dears, I’m off to ignore the laundry (and the broken dryer) and the messes for just a little bit longer and snuggle with some sleeping cuties.  Have a magical week!



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Magical Moments

I just had to share a few photos from our trip last week to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Wisconsin.  It was such a magical time! 

Favorite souvenir ever:





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Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Magical Mama Amelia had her pirate calendar in order and let me know that tomorrow, September 19, is Talk Like a Pirate Day! 

Amelia writes:

Were you aware that the 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate day?

The celebration was made up by a couple of men while playing tennis (their website explains it not all child-safe but interesting) and has since gone round the world.

The basic idea is that one should talk like a pirate for the entire day.

Anything else; dressing like a pirate, raising a black flag and sailing round the neighborhood, hunting for buried treasure or making treasure maps etc is entirely optional, but fun!
I thought I should let you know about this little bit of craziness (and the fact that two men acting on a whim were able to create an entire new festival) in case you wanted to let a little pirate magic into your life.

But of course!  🙂  Thanks Amelia!

What fun!  I’ve been wanting to take part ever since I missed it last year but I had completely forgotten about it all over again.  🙂

The web site also has this page just for the PG rated kid-friendly pirate stuff.  There are lesson plans, kid pirate lingo, games, links, a pirate song and more.

Happy Saturday, Maties!

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