10 Ways to Make Today Magical

Happy Monday!  Let’s start the week off with something really fun.  Here’s a few ideas….

1.  Go on a leaf gathering walk and gather bags full of beautiful leaves that are still pliant and just starting to turn beautiful colors.  Attach them to lengths of ribbon with glue dots (or use a needle to thread the ribbon through) to hang from curtain rods for a beautiful fall decoration.

2.  Find a friend with an apple tree going to waste (so many people just leave the fruit to fall and rot!) and offer to swap an apple pie for getting to gather lots of unwanted apples.  Make up tons of apple goodies and freeze some prepared apples for winter goodies.

3.  Check the community events calendar of your local paper together and find one event that sounds like fun to attend as a family.

4.  Go on a treasure hunt walk.  Leave clues ahead of time leading to a small prize back home, and lead the kids all over the neighborhood.

5.  Have a Ten Good Deeds Day.  Each family member picks 10 things to do for others (strangers or loved ones) and writes them down.  When the last one is done, everybody celebrates with a little group reward.  Try to log the good deeds in a special place so you can look back on them later.

6.  Put birthday candles in dinner and let your little ones blow them out again and again.

7.  Find a way to ride a train, a city bus, a tractor or some other vehicle that’s new and exciting for your kids.

8.  Bring treats to your local fire station to say hi and thank you.  Chances are, the kids will get to see and do some pretty nifty things.  Either way, they’ll help brighten the day for some local heroes.

9.  Rake leaves together and jump in them.  It never loses its magic.  No fall leaves where you are?  Spend an afternoon making them from old newspapers, junk mail or other paper bits in the recycling bin.  Use markers, paint or crayons to make them beautiful and cut out tons to throw in the air, make into crafts and "rake" in the living room.

10. Explore a local university together.  Between the art, the museums, the architecture, the culture and the atmosphere, it’s a brand new world that can enchant children.  Teens can get a taste for what their futures could look like and little ones can just see it as a new land to explore.


So what are your plans for this brand new week?  Please share!


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