Easy Sand Art!

Magical Mama Ellen shared this fun and easy craft that we did around here years ago and I had forgotten about.  I think we just used ours as homemade glitter though, and layered in jars sounds even more fun!  I do remember that my girls loved stirring the salt with the chalk and watching it "magically" turn colors.  🙂 

Oh, and do be sure to use styrofoam for the bowl/cup or in it to scrape and stir against (you can recycle something).  We don’t usually have styrofoam but I remember that other materials were too smooth to make the magic happen!

She wrote:

I wanted to share a craft with you that I did yesterday with my 5 year old and her friend who is 4.
Materials needed:
Baby food jars with lids
Colored chalk
Small cups or bowls (I used styrofoam cups)
Pour small amounts of salt into the cup or bowl.  Start stirring it with your chosen color of chalk.  The salt will soon begin to take on the color of the chalk you are using.  The longer you stir, the deeper the color becomes. 
Once satisfied with the color, pour the salt into the baby food jar.  Continue to layer the colors of salt in the babyfood jar until it is full, top off with white salt if needed.
This is an easy way to make "sand" art for kids.  My daughter and her friend loved it.  If you have super glue or a hot glue gun, you can run a rim of glue around the top of the jar before puttin gon the lid to ensure the lid doesn’t come off.

Thanks Ellen!


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  1. Anonymous

    What a neat idea! I’ve been meaning to try something like this with Emily for awhile now, but I hadn’t thought to use chalk. I have tons of baby food jars…. what fun!

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