Magical Mama Sharon passed on this wonderful little mini movie that is actually a Thai commercial.  She wrote:

I just love your blog and know how strongly you feel about encouraging your children to be the best.  I think you will love this inspirational video.  It’s actually a Pantene commercial although I’m not sure what it has to do with hair.  But I love the message it sends and I shared it with my daughter and her friends.

It’s beautiful!  What a wonderful little story and the music is moving too.  Thanks Sharon!



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2 responses to “Shine

  1. How lovely.
    I think pantene are doing a lot of adverts where the hair is just peripheral, but this is far nicer than the “Demonstrated by Myleene Klaas” we get over here.
    I do feel rather sorry for the bully though, it looks like she’s under a lot of pressure poor thing.

    • Yes, I felt sorry for her too and thought that her story would probably be sympathetic too even though she was acting so awful to the protagonist. It was a nice touch to have her sadness, pressure and frustration shown too, instead of just making her an evil character for no reason.

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