In Pictures: 10 Ways to Make Today Magical

Here’s a few snapshots of last week that helped make our trip magical.  Most of them can be easily incorporated near home too!

1.  Find or build a natural hide-out or clubhouse.

Look at these fabulous thrones that someone made at one secluded beach we found!

2.  Find a little restaurant where you can try something brand new to you
(or introduce the kids to a treat from your childhood).

3.  Go hiking.  For older kids, the crazier the terrain, the better.

4.  Feed the ducks, pigeons or seagulls (Victoria and Daddy even got them to fly up and take bread from their hands!  See the bread in this one’s beak?!).

5.  Blow a few dollars’ worth of quarters on arcade rides just for fun.

6.  Find a pond and feed the fishes.  The kids had dozens of fish swarming for bits of bread and they nearly got them to take it from their hands.  They also had fun experimenting with what sizes and shapes of bread the fish would go for.  It turns out they were particular!

7.  Go rock hunting.  Designate neat uses for rocks you collect — a special garden, a decorated jar of the prettiest or even craft projects like garden markers made with smooth stones and paint pens.

8.  Speaking of which, we decided to bring these rocks home to use as natural toys because of their imaginative shapes!  See what you can find at the park, in the yard or at home to turn into creative new playthings — acorns, pine cones, scrap wood, even bits from the recycling bin.

9.  Wake up earlier than usual and head out together for breakfast, hot cocoa or an early morning treat together when the world is still completely different.

10.  When you’ve all been stuck in the car too long, look for a park sign or ask a passer-by and find a new park to explore together for a bit.

And with that, my dears, I’m off to ignore the laundry (and the broken dryer) and the messes for just a little bit longer and snuggle with some sleeping cuties.  Have a magical week!




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2 responses to “In Pictures: 10 Ways to Make Today Magical

  1. Anonymous

    Gorgeous photos!

  2. Anonymous

    Love the photos!
    My son loves to collect rocks — he gathers them and then decorates them with markers and/or stickers to make rock gardens 🙂 When his sister is at her riding lesson this is one of the things that keeps him busy — he makes a rock garden for the barn cat that he loves so much 🙂

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