Note to Self

  • More saying yes
  • More grinning
  • More playing outside
  • More fresh local melons
  • More reading to everybody
  • More snuggling
  • More art challenges
  • More crab apple cider
  • More family chore times
  • More toddler kisses
  • More family puzzles
  • More badminton
  • More fashion design challenges
  • More hugs
  • More open windows and September breezes
  • More walks
  • More counting blessings
  • More empathizing
  • More sleep (talk about dreaming!)  😉

Happy weekend!  What do you want to do more of?



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4 responses to “Note to Self

  1. Anonymous

    Good list! For me … more sleep … more green juicing (yes, I juice spinach with my carrots and apples!) … more painting with toddlers and babies … more ‘timeless’ time … more inside tents … more baking chocolate cakes … more family cuddles in bed in the morning!

  2. Anonymous

    All that and more…
    More campfires & roasted marshmallows.
    More exploring towns,parks,museums,stores.
    More novelty and adventure in general.
    More bike rides.
    More DQ dilly bars right before closing time.
    More board games.
    More good music.
    More reading/giggling in the hammock piled w/pillows.
    More dipping toes in lakes.
    More laughing.
    More holding hands.
    More taking pictures.
    More blogging/journaling so I don’t forget these days.
    More not caring what other people think.
    And more patience. :o)
    (great blog topic & great stuff to stop and think about Alicia! :o) )

  3. Anonymous

    Great list!
    more dark chocolate
    more tea times
    more baking bread
    more crafting
    more creating
    more family time
    more learning
    more sewing
    more knitting
    more teaching
    more fun!!

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