10 Ways to Make Today Magical

1.  Start a family blog together.  If the kids are too young to type their own entries, just ask them to dictate what to say.  For very little kids, ask them questions like "What does Daddy like to do?" and "What does Mommy say a lot?".  The answers are sure to make you smile.  Don’t write for the public, write for yourselves, as a fun family journal of sorts.

2.  Find someone with a crab apple tree who’s willing to let you collect some crab apples and try some new recipes together.  We gathered a couple of bags full today and plan to try crab apple juice, crab apple jelly or crab apple bread.  Ialso like the sounds of this recipe for crab apple juice.  That’s my kind of recipe!  🙂  I’ll let you know how it turns out.  Let me know if you try any too!  (Tip:  Try to collect crab apples that are not quite ripe and you’re less likely to find buggy and wormy ones!)

3.  Throw a family cocktail party.  Make up some little appetizers and arrange some party platters with yummy favorite foods that you usually reserve for parties.  Tell everybody to dress up, put on some background music and mingle!  If you like, play some party games too.

4.  See if your local library lends out anything unique and check it out.  We have one nearby library that has a collection of dozens of shaped cake pans.  Another has "sick day" kits for kids with all sorts of themed time-passers in backpacks.  Almost all of them lend out art of all sizes.

5.  Start a cookie plate chain together.  Bake some cookies (or make up some other neat care package theme) and mail them to someone with the instructions to enjoy them and mail another batch to someone else.  Don’t ask for anything in return.  The idea is to just imagine how far a good deed can travel!

6.  Try to make the biggest, longest domino run you can.  If you like, make it go in two different directions and loop around.  Challenge the kids to think up other materials to use too — can they think of something cool to set off the first domino or work out a tunnel for it to go through?  See how creative you can all get!

7.  Check out a hair style book or google hair styles online.  Try some new ones on the kids and let them try some on you.  Take pictures and ask people to vote for their favorites.

8.  Use Sharpies or other permanent markers to tie dye socks!

9.  Put a few drops of food coloring in the bottom of your kids’ cups before they fill them with milk or water.  Watch their surprise as their drinks magically become colored!

10. Find some pigeons, ducks, horses, seagulls, squirrels or other critters to go feed together.  Grab a loaf of stale bread, a bag of old apples or whatever other old treats you have on hand and go make some furry or feathered friends.


For those in the states, Happy Labor Day!

For those elsewhere, Happy Monday!

Have a magical week.



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  1. Anonymous

    domino idea
    We got bags of plastic VCR tape cases free from a video store and use them for making domino paths and towers on a larger scale. Worth making a few phone calls to find some! :o)

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