Yoga Can Help Kids with Autism and Other Issues

Thanks to Magical Mama Lucy for finding this article about how yoga can help autistic kids, along with other kids with sensory issues

Here’s a snip…

"…Those who teach yoga for autistic or special needs children, including Collins, report that it can improve focus and concentration, one of autism’s greatest challenges, as well as help counter poor muscle coordination, ease tension and teach coping mechanisms."

That sounds like stuff all kids can use!

The article goes on to talk about how it helps kids who easily get overstimulated or feel overwhelmed, drawing on Sensory Integration techniques that help them feel centered and focused. 

I like 9 year-old Andrew’s take on it, though…

“It makes my body feel good.”

Sounds good to me.  🙂

We have some yoga tapes for kids that we use in the winter especially.  Victoria has always loved to do yoga and I think I may haul them out more often and see if it helps 6 year-old Jack with the manic energy he sometimes deals with.  Alex loves doing any kind of dance or workout and he certainly needs an outlet for his toddler energy.

Do you do yoga with your kids?  Do you have any favorite yoga DVD’s, books or games?




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2 responses to “Yoga Can Help Kids with Autism and Other Issues

  1. Anonymous

    We have a kids yoga book called Be A Frog, A Bird, or A Tree. Fun for kids to imitate the kids in the pics.

  2. Anonymous

    we have some videos the girls really love, YogaKids. the teacher is great, and the videos are really good yoga too! sometimes when we are having an “off” day, I will pop one in and we all do it….everyone feels great afterwards. Highly recommend them!!

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