Make a Kaleidoscope from a Photo Online!

Thanks to Clickschooling for the head’s up for this nifty online kaleidoscope program that kept several of us busy for far too long playing today.  Simply paste the URL to a photo in and then move your mouse around to make a zillion kaleidoscope images.  You can also use the gorgeous flower picture they already have up. 

We found that close up shots of faces were just all sorts of wrong when turned into kaleidoscopes.  🙂  Ones like this led to some pretty neat images though, especially with arms linked every which way and rows of faces.


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One response to “Make a Kaleidoscope from a Photo Online!

  1. Anonymous

    Super Fun!
    First – I LOVE your blog (was a follower of your website/newsletter). You inspired me to start a blog. And I love that you adore your kids – no matter what they do – you remember that they are a wonderful gift to be nurtured and loved. I wish we lived closer as I would love to hang out. Thanks!!
    Second – I loved this kaleidoscope site and will link both your site and the krazydad site from my blog. I have to wait til I get home so my kids can have some fun.

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