New Friends

We’re back from our camping party and made some lovely new friends.  We also made a smaller friend…

Do you like her?  She seems to like us so far.  She needed a home and we had a little extra love to give since losing Josie.

Possible names so far…





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4 responses to “New Friends

  1. Anonymous

    she is cute and a lucky little cat

  2. Anonymous

    Hmmm, they’re all great suggestions…I’ve found that two-syllable names seem to be better for cats because it carries better when you’re calling them. I suppose you could lengthen Jinx or Mouse into Jinxy or Mousey, though. I’m kind of partial to Mouse; it’s a very funny name for a cat. I vote Mouse.

  3. We had a Mouse-cat when I was a kid. I vote for Mouse for sentimental reasons! 🙂

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