What are Your Favorite Ways to Make the Day Magical?

We are off for a 3 day camping party that we’re hosting for some family friends from all over.  We’ll be meeting one family for the first time but I’ve known the mom online since our kids were small.  It should be a really fun trip.

I thought I’d mix things up and ask you guys to keep things interesting for me while I’m gone. 

Please share your favorite way (or ways!) to make the day magical. 

They can be anything — tips you found online, ideas you made up or things you’ve tried from one of the lists here that ended up leading to something neat for you and the kiddos.  Post them in the comments and I’ll put the final list up here when I get back.

If you can’t think of any particular favorite idea, please post your favorite blog or web site for finding fun ideas, getting parenting inspiration or just getting a pick-me-up.  Or just tell us a joke!  šŸ™‚ 

I would love to come home to find the comments full of neat ideas and fun messages. 

Will you help?

See you on Wednesday!




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3 responses to “What are Your Favorite Ways to Make the Day Magical?

  1. Anonymous

    I can’t believe no one has left a comment so far! Anyway, I truly am not very creative…but we like to sing a lot around my house, and my little girls get a big kick out of learning rounds. There are some that everyone knows, like Frere Jacques or Row Row Row Your Boat, but lately we’ve been finding wonderful gems with words like “Why doesn’t my goose/ Sing as well as thy goose/ When I paid for my goose/Twice as much as thou?” There is something wonderful about singing goofy words polyphonically, and if your kids can carry a tune it doesn’t take very long to get used to doing rounds. You can find books at the library with rounds in them. Another thing we used to do as kids is to have operatic conversations, like while we were doing our chores. We would just make up tunes and sing ordinary words in a very vibrato voice, with expression. I highly recommend this type of singing for cheering up grumpy people.

  2. Anonymous

    sorry, I forgot to sign–that was me, Rebecca.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Alicia : )
    There is so much sweetness here!
    I like the question you pose, I think you may find some magic on my blog : ) We certainly try to find magic in the everyday! Enjoy your weekend!

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