Remembering Josie

We lost our fabulous cat Josie today.  She lived a very long, very good life where she was well loved. 


We got Josie when she was a kitten, about 15 years ago.  The kids knew her all of their lives.  She was the most loving, tolerant cat I ever met.  A friend of the family once commented, "I’m dangling this cat straight out in front of me, and she’s still purring."  🙂



She was a wimpy little inside cat her whole life but she always tried to escape out the door when we opened it.  Towards the end of her life, when she was nothing but bones and fur, I decided to let her outside to enjoy the nature that she’d always craved so much.

She happily joined us wherever we went, even trotting along on walks with us.  She absolutely loved her summer freedom.  She would even stop passers by and rub against them!  She just dearly loved people, kids, nature and life.


We found her outside today.  She’d been hit by a car.  It appears to have been over quickly.  There were many tears shed by all of us and the kids have made a beautiful grave for her that they decorated with a big painted rock and some lovely shells and rocks.

We gave Josie a long, wonderful, happy, love-filled life and she relished every minute of it.  People were always surprised to find out she was so old, because she was so bouncy and young at heart.  She was a priceless gift to all of us and she’ll be missed.

Rest in peace, Josie Bug.  Thanks for being ours.



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6 responses to “Remembering Josie

  1. Anonymous

    Josie is beautiful. St.Frances is the patron Saint of animals. I’m sure he is watching over Josie now. Many, many hugs and love to you all.
    Susan and the kids

  2. Anonymous

    What a beautiful tribute to your dear furry family member. Rest peacefully, Josie.

  3. Thanks!
    Thanks Susan and Katherine.

  4. Aw, so sad. I’m terribly sorry.

  5. I’m so sorry for your loss.
    I just found your blog through a round about route and in the middle of all the beautiful ideas was this.
    She was a beautiful cat, you must feel blessed to have known her.
    Wherever she is now I’m sure she loves you still.

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