Kid Perspective: Ten Ways to Make Today Magical

When Victoria and Anna were 4 and 2, I asked them for help writing a list of ten ways to make the day magical for one of my newsletters.  These are the answers they gave me way back then, and it’s a good reminder that it doesn’t take make on our part to make it special for little ones!  🙂

Here’s their list…

10 Ways to Make Today Magical….. Kid Style
These are all courtesy of Victoria (age 4) and Annalee (age 2):

1.  Be nice to everyone all day.
2.  Take a piece of paper and draw a star and then paint the star and then cut it out and then blot a clear star on top!
3.  Do a craft and glue!
4.  Set up a picnic and draw and color outside.
5.  Set up our tent!
6.  Magic tricks!
7.  Go outside and play on the swing set.
8.  Play ball with Miles (a friend).
9.  Turn off all the lights in the house and then find a flashlight that works and pretend it’s night.
10. Slide.


It’s the wee hours and we just got back from a long road trip, so I’m off now to get a little one back to sleep and get some beauty sleep myself!  Have a magical week!



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