Mommy’s Little Helper

Alex (two years old) dearly loves to help me.  Tonight, I was cleaning in the kids’ room and had a pile of dirty clothes I’d tossed to the hallway.  He was clearly bothered by the clutter and started to scoop them up and put them in the basket of clean, folded laundry in the hallway. 

"No Honey," I told him, "Not in there.  Can you put them in the hamper for Mommy?  The hamper?".

He dutifully trotted off to the bathroom with his arms full of clothes.

I was so pleased with him!  What a helpful boy!  I thanked him for doing such a great job and carried on with my cleaning.

A little later, Annalee came into the bedroom.  I had just gotten Alex to sleep and he was sleeping sweetly next to me.

"Mom," she asked, "Why is the toilet stuffed with clothes?".

That’s my boy!

Ah well.  It’s the thought that counts, right?  🙂


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  1. Anonymous

    Oh, that is so, so, so funny!

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