Busy Work: Doodle Assignments

I’m a big fan of busywork for kids.  Bored kids get into trouble.  Busy kids are easier to keep happy!  πŸ™‚

Here’s one way I keep Jack occupied while I’m busy with Alex or we’re waiting at the doctor or just buying time so I relax a bit.  Doodle assignments!

I have him find some paper and any kind of pens, crayons or pencils and then I give him a creative assignment to draw.

Here’s some examples for all ages and all kinds of kids:

  • Draw a brand new kind of animal that nobody has ever seen before.
  • Draw a dream castle in the sky.
  • Draw whatever kind of robot you want, with features to do whatever nifty things you can think up.
  • Draw a fantasy wedding dress.
  • Draw the winning entry in the "Wackiest Hairstyle Contest."
  • Draw a fighter pilot uniform from the year 2200.
  • Draw a really silly cat.
  • Draw a new kind of flower.
  • Draw the world’s coolest hamster habitat.

Here’s Jack’s version of an alien, with as many eyes, arms and antennae as he wanted.  He named him Bob.  πŸ™‚


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One response to “Busy Work: Doodle Assignments

  1. Anonymous

    Great idea…
    My daughter loves to draw and I always ask her to draw things she knows how to draw…next time, I’ll see if she can do something novel and how it keeps her busy (Let’s mom get stuff done on the computer, even!)

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