Just One of Those Days

My girls are off with Daddy at a late night play rehearsal (opening night is Friday!) and Alex is fast asleep.  Jack was up late playing on the computer a few minutes ago when I suddenly heard a blood curling scream.

I went racing downstairs as he came flying upstairs, tears streaming down his face.  He held his finger out and wailed, "I bit my finger!".

I hugged him and hurried him to the sink, where I ran cold water over it as I got the rest of the story. 

Yep, he bit it.  He wasn’t paying attention and was apparently chewing on his nail when he accidentally missed, and quite forcefully chomped down hard on his own poor finger.

I hugged him close, called him my poor boy, ran more cold water and tried to apply a little pressure.  That made him scream more and he finally decided he was okay enough to go back to his Nick Jr. game. 

As he settled back down and choked back his tears, he proclaimed, "The only way this day could get worse is if I bit my OTHER finger!".

Well yes.  True, that would be worse!

I’m still trying to decide if that’s his version of looking on the bright side or if I should prepare for another shriek.


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2 responses to “Just One of Those Days

  1. Anonymous

    Both my older kids love to chew on their finger nails. I had to remind them everytime when I caught them on the spot or found nails on the floor while cleaning their rooms. I just can’t think of any other ways to stop them from repeating this chewing nails habit. So my hubby bought this nail bite lotion to apply it on their nails to stop them from biting. But the next day, they continue to bit again…

    • Jack doesn’t really have a problem with biting his nails. He doesn’t bite them off or anything and he doesn’t usually bite them at all. I think he just had his finger in the wrong place at the wrong time! đŸ™‚
      Victoria had a problem biting her nails though. She really wanted to stop and we tried a few things like hot sauce on the tips (her idea). She finally found a tip to put scented hand lotion on frequently and that seemed to help a lot. She smells it when her hands near her mouth and she stops herself.

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