Do you Freecycle?  We’ve been using our local Freecycle lists for a few years now and really love it.  Over the years we have given away…

  • A Little Tikes play kitchen
  • A Little Tikes standing easel
  • 3 bags of sci-fi books
  • A set of Science texts
  • An ironing board
  • Wallpaper stripper
  • 2 bikes
  • Bags of baby clothes

Just to name a bit!  We have also been the recipients of…

  • A loveseat hide-a-bed
  • A room sized oriental rug
  • Little boys’ clothes
  • Family Tree software
  • Hostas for our garden

Yesterday I noticed a post offering two microwave ovens.  We don’t need a microwave oven, so I completely ignored it.  Three hours later, our microwave oven bit the dust.  We got it used 14 years ago so we figured it had a good life!  I emailed the woman and asked if a microwave was still available.  It was!

Today we picked up a new, free microwave oven.  The lady explained they had been sitting in her garage.  She said the white one was better but it had a hole in it where her child had punched it (!).  She’d covered it with masking tape.  It was big and functional (the inside glass is intact), but not the most beautiful appliance on the block.  A quick trip into my scrapbooking supplies fixed that, though.  Now it just looks like my children’s nutty mother pasted a silly cardstock note to the front.  Much better!  πŸ™‚

It works like a charm and in today’s tight times, FREE is a very nice price!

If you’re not signed up for your local Freecycle list, I really recommend it.  You can keep things out of the landfills, declutter your house, save some money, help people and pick up a surprising amount of things.

Don’t forget the kid angle, too.  If times are tight, it can be hard to justify buying things like craft supplies or sports equipment.  Many people have oodles of this stuff sitting around, though, and would be happy to see it loved again.  I’ve had friends who have received everything from pottery wheels to beading supplies to children’s clothes through Freecycle.

If only someone would Freecycle a cleaning crew….  πŸ˜‰

Happy Wednesday!



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One response to “Freecycle!

  1. Anonymous

    I have the same problem, re: Cleaning Crew….
    I use freecycle as well…and since I have moved SOOO much it has really been very helpful both for giving away an for receiving.
    *sigh* I’ll keep an eye out for the cleaning crew and let you know if I see one—but I’m not sure if i’d give mine up. ;o)

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