10 Ways to Make Today Magical

1.  Stage an art show.  Collect favorite art projects and hang them in the garage or living room with small tags underneath noting the title, artist and price.  Hand out fake money and allow people to purchase favorite works.  If you like, think up a theme or medium (yarn and paint, watercolors, Japanese inspired…) and create masterpieces together for a special show at the end of the week.

2.  Have a watermelon seed spitting contest.

3.  Start a love box.  Find a fun, small box and put a treat inside.  Leave it on someone’s pillow, at their seat at the dinner table or in a lunch box.  The person has to put something in it and pass it on to another family member.  Ideas for treats– a chocolate, a tiny toy, a poem, a drawing, a love letter, a fresh flower, a list of things you love about the person, a coupon for a back rub…  (adapted from a tip at http://www.stretcher.com)

4.  Throw a theme potluck– everyone must bring a dishthat starts with A, has exactly 3 ingredients or is a certain color, for example.  If you don’t want to have to clean, stage it at a park.

5.  Wash the car together.

6.  Make iced tea or lemonade with rose petals or mint scattered in each cup.  Make sure to use clean, untreated leaves and petals.  You can call it fairy tea, summer tea or let the kids dream up a good name for it.  If you like, add food coloring or bright juice concentrates to jazz up the color.  You can even use food coloring to make different colored ice cubes or freeze whole strawberries to drop in.

7.  Have a water balloon fight.

8. During the night, decorate the living room with streamers and a big sign that says "Happy ________ Day!" (marmot day, random day, I love you day, blueberry day…)  Make up traditions for the day together– you must wear purple, it’s traditional to eat ice cream for breakfast, whatever.

9.  Have a kiddie parade.  Grab some friends or neighbors, dress everybody up and give each child a baton, drum, tambourine or flag.  March down the sidewalk or through a park.  If you like, pull a wagon with extra props and invite other kids to join in as you go.

10. Perform a random act of kindness together.

Have a magical week!


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