Hi Beautiful!

Here’s a little tip for when you’re signing up for newsletters and online subscriptions.  If it asks for your first name, have a little fun!  I have one site that sends me updates that begin "My Queen…".   Another greets me with "Hi Sexy!".    🙂

Not only is this a very nice way to have strange businesses address you, but it protects your privacy and can bring a little smile when you’re looking through your email!

This is a great tip to teach children, too.  It further protects their privacy and safeguards their identities, and they can get a kick out of being addressed with names like Cutie Pie, Your Highness, Superkid and such.

Happy Sunday!


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One response to “Hi Beautiful!

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Genius Friend,
    I love it! I often fib about my name when I sign up for stuff too,but I hadn’t thought of doing THIS! :o)
    Mrs. I Will From Now On Though (heh.)

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