DAD cakes!

Magical Mama Lonni left a comment on the list of presents to make for dads with this tasty idea…

We had fun making a DAD cake one father’s day.
Whip up 1 cake mix and bake it in 2 round cake pans. Cut one in half and you’ll have the 2 Ds. Cut the other to look like A. We put these on a cookie sheet, then frosted and decorated.:o)

I was having trouble visualizing it so I did a google image search and now I see it exactly!  Here’s one from Family Fun

It’s perfect!  The kids would have a blast decorating it (and eating the scraps!).  Thanks Lonni!

If you want to go all out, here’s a few more elaborate cakes from Family Fun (click the image to go to the instructions)….

Personally, I’m partial to the first one and letting the kids have all the fun of prettying it up.  It’s more sentimental AND easier on Mom.  😉

Thanks again, Lonni!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Anonymous

    You’re welcome! That’s the one! We must’ve gotten the idea from that magazine. :o)

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