I happened upon this bird watching bandana online the other day and thought it was so cute I went looking for a source.  I found out that it’s a Fundana, and there is a whole series of these clever bandanas with Bingo and scavenger hunts printed on them in different themes. 


There are fundanas for winter, rainy days, bugs, wild birds and even tracks and scat!  Most are designed to take on nature walks (with different environments, seasons and themes for each) and ones to keep you busy inside.  Some of the themes include beaches, prairies, autumn, horses, recycling and senses.  Some are geared more towards the 3-6 crowd and others more towards 7 and up, but many look like they’d work for the whole family. 

Best of all, they are designed without a winner in mind — the goal is to find all of the items and have fun.  As the "Knee High to Senses" fundana (a scavenger hunt involving the senses to use outside) says:  "The winner is everyone!  If you had fun and learned something new!".

I found them offered at quite a few places online but I found the best prices here (which looks like a sweet nature-themed small bookstore) and here (which seems to be the actual supplier and is the only place online where I found the entire line).  I have not bought from either place but I’m planning on buying at least a couple of these… if I can ever narrow it down.  🙂

Here’s a close-up of Pond Bingo (for older kids) and here’s one of Knee High to Nature Quest (for younger).

If money is too tight to splurge right now, the ideas could also be adapted to a little family scavenger hunt on paper too.

As always, no kickbacks, bribes or chocolates were promised in the making of this post! 

Happy weekend!


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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Alicia – has quite a few of these. They are great to keep in the car for road trips.

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